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Microblading is a semi- permanent makeup procedure which allows people to fully reconstruct or dramatically correct lost eyebrow. Basically, eyebrow microblading is often performed by manual deposit of pigment under the skin’s top layer using a special pen. Unlike permanent makeup brow treatment, microblading is not normally done using a machine.

Microblading  simply involves drawing crisp hair strokes which appear more natural. Note that the blade of microblading pen is three times thinner than the needles often used in tattooing. When performed by an expert or when performed correctly, the microblading procedure is almost painless. Microblading training experts normally use a numbing solution in order to limit discomfort. Use our microblading directory to find best microblading courses.


If you are keen to learn Microblading technique then you are on the right page – We have compiled a list of best Microblading training classes – Start by choosing your country above from the menu. What is Microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that allows to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow. Eyebrow Microblading is performed by manual deposit of pigment under top layer of the skin by a special pen. It does not involve use of a machine. Unlike permanent makeup brow treatment, Microblading technique involves drawing individual, crisp hair strokes that are more natural looking. The blade of Korean Nanoblading pen is 3 times thinner than the needles used for tattoo. When performed correctly, the procedure is almost painless. Technicians usually use a numbing solution to limit discomfort. Microblading was first invented at the beginning of 21st century. It must be performed in sterile environment, the technician must disinfect the area of the skin thoughtfully and use on time use tools (Embo pro disposable microblading pens, blades, micro-brushes). The most common complications and patient dissatisfaction result from misapplication of the pigment, pigment migration, and pigment fanning. Procedure performed by well trained professional can minimize the risk of dissatisfaction. If you have a microblading academy and you would like to get listed please contact us below.

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